Tourist Attractions in Berlin

Berlin is not only Europe's "party capital", but also a city with more cultural highlights than most. Not afraid to look back to its difficult past, Berliners have created one of the world's best city breaks with world-class art collections, museums to make other people go green with envy, bars, coffee shops and restaurants that fully embrace the world's best cuisine, beers and wines. Tour Berlin and find out for yourself:

Third Reich: Cold War and what's to learn from it

The 2-hour tour starts at Brandenburg Gate and takes visitors to parts of Berlin that are firmly embedded in people's minds around the world: cold war leads to the Berlin Wall, no matter where you are on the political, ethnic or cultural scale. Illuminating and sobering at the same time. A must-do on a Berlin visit.

Bird's Eye View: Berlin TV Tower

Perhaps offering the best views across the city, TV Tower Berlin with its 200 metres above ground restaurant is one of Europe's landmarks that can't be missed. Literally, since you can see it no matter where you are in Berlin! See Potsdamer Platz, Olympic Stadium Berlin and Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag and Alexanderplatz like pigeons do. Freedom in 360 degrees! Tour takes 2 hours and includes a “Sphere” restaurant visit.

Potsdam Biosphere Adventure

Get a Welcome Card for the S-Bahn for your visit to Potsdam, it's a great way to see Berlin's neighbouring city. Tropical butterflies and rare orchids, a small, heated paradise in the climate of Brandenburg...a great place to visit on a winter's day! Open all year, Potsdam Biosphere is home to more than 20,000 plants, where exotic animals allow you a glimpse of them once in a while. Later, take the fabulous Soviet Potsdam tour of Potsdam's “forbidden city”. Starts from Cecilienhof Palace and takes 2.5 hours.

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Site

Wherever you go in Germany there are reminders of a past that is so terrible, one would think it would be a sobering experience to closed minds today. To remind us monsters lurk within us all, and that we must fight them in ourselves first, Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Site exists. It's a MUST for anyone visiting Germany. Take your time, everything you see, hear, smell and touch is REAL. That's the horror of it.

Other great venues: Deutsches-SpionageMuseum,, at Leipziger Platz 9. Tickets from 12.00 euros per person. Interactive maps and displays about Berlin's highly charged post-WWII spy scene.

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